Fixed Width Pipeline

I’m building a pipeline that would require several different fixed width files. The snap is very static it doesn’t allow variables or other options so for each fixed width file I need to have one snap. Currently I have a router to determine which fixed width snap to use. I was thinking it would be more ideal to have the option to pull the fixed with data needed to create a file from a “config/formatting” file

Meaning the fixed width snap would look to existing format file(s) to determine what the output should be. The added value would be I don’t have to edit the pipeline every time we add a fixed width file. I could just and another format file to a predestined location that it’s already pulling from. Does anyone know of any other alternatives? I’ve attached an image to show how I’m currently using it right now there are only 4 paths, but there could be hundreds and this solution doesn’t scale very well.

Hi @wogen,

You could possibly use the Pipeline Execute Snap with a collection of sub-pipelines that perform the formatting/writing.

This way the PipeExec would act as the “router” and you can use a naming convention for the sub-pipelines that includes the route value to dynamically select (via expression) the sub-pipe to use.

You would end up with a lot of sub-pipelines, but maintenance would be just adding a new one and naming following your convention.


Thank you for your response. I agree that is a significantly better solution than the router option. Admittedly I was hoping for an option that doesn’t require a new pipeline every time a new layout is introduced, but this is definitely a step in the right direction. I will give that some thought.