How to pass Snap label to error pipeline

I am trying to pass Snap label to error pipeline using in-build expression snap.label. I am getting error. Is their a way to pass snap label from multiple parent pipelines to the same error pipeline? Kindly help to find a better approach with in-build epression for the same.

@Amardeep_Shanmugam you don’t need to explicitly pass about failed snap level, it’s coming in snap_details attribute from the error view. you can use $snap_details.label to get exact name in error pipeline.

Thanks for responding. I see that in error view if I choose for route error to error view. How can we get this passed to error pipeline? Example: Pipe line label I am getting if I choose that in parent pipeline error pipeline parameters. Do I need to have $snap_details.label as one of the parameter in parent and same should be used in error pipeline as pipeline parameter? Attaching the screenshot of both.

@Amardeep_Shanmugam You don’t need to pass explicitly from error pipeline param, use one mapper in error pipeline and use $snapdetails.label. Snaplogic automatically pass those value to error pipeline, you can capture using the expression.

Thanks again Supratim. It works.

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