How to write the contents a SOAP response attachment to a file?

I have a SOAP response that returns attachments and I would like to write them. How can I do this? It looks like it is a zip file. Thanks!

SOAP_downloadESSJobExecutionDetails output0.txt (8.7 KB)

@swright Can check in attached pipeline, this is the generic way to do so. For your cases I am not sure about the content type zip is correct or not. If you know the content type correctly, just use in file writer with extension then it should work. soapAPIZIPResponse_Community_2020_11_06.slp (14.1 KB)

Your solution looks good but I’ve been unable to get a readable file using it. I assume that I don’t have the right content type. I’ve tried “zip” and it doesn’t work so something must be wrong. What are good ways to determine what file type I should use?


I found the problem! I just needed to add a Document to Binary snap with DECODE_BASE64. Thanks!

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