Is it possible to return a response body after an error pipeline?

Hello everyone,

when using triggered tasks, i was wondering if there is any way to recover from an error pipeline to return a body to the requestor?

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@Henchway - Error pipeline is useful for normal ETL scenario but for exposing APIs you can follow the traditional approach, take error view out and union all your error and success flow as final response.
I have also tried but not found the solution.

@dmiller Do you have any other solution for this scenario?

I’ll check with out Professional Services team to see if they’ve encountered it.

@dmiller Thanks Diane. As per my understanding only using Ultra it might be possible but for normal ETL use cases I need your help to find any workaround/solutions.

That seems to be what I’m hearing.

Thank you, that’s what i’ve been doing.
Now the issue is that it won’t fit a unified error/transaction logging approach, but i suppose we’ll have to come up with a new one there.

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