Snowflake Bulk Load is giving error =Table does not exist in the database

Snowflake Bulk Load is giving error
Cannot find table : “schemaname”.“tablename”, reason=Table does not exist in the database, resolution=Ensure the provided table exists in the database.

If I change use Snowflake Insert Snap in place of Snowflake Bulk Load snap it is working fine. I am not sure why Snowflake Bulk Load is giving error. These pipelines were working fine couple of days back

Hi @erkonline,

In the properties of the snap, check what you have:
SF bulk load

I’ve noticed that “KMS key” is fulfilled with something that I haven’t input. Just remove it in case.
Also, check the other properties having “File” in the name, so if something exists that you didn’t input, also remove.

What browser do you use? I’ve noticed also that if you use an inappropriate browser those get fulfilled.
You should use Chrome.

If that doesn’t work, then delete the snap and add a new one with the same settings.


Thanks for the reply. I have tried all the options. There was nothing in the marked fields and still cleared them and also deleted and added the snap but no luck. I am using Chrome browser.

The error message that you receive is very straightforward. Just check if the names are put in an expression or for some spaces in the end which can result in a non-existing table name.

I use the “Bulk Load” snap with Snowflake and it works on my side. I hope it’s something trivial on your side.