Triggered vs Ultra Task

For a triggered task, How many calls it can handle at the same time. Will it do parallel processing? If so Why Ultra Task is there if Parallel processing is present in Triggered task. Or is there any limit in Triggered task that it can process only n records(n must be finite here) if Ultra it can process infinite. Please clarify on this.


When you call a triggered task, there is some overhead in initiating the pipeline, executing the pipeline, tearing down the pipeline. That overheard of initiating and closing is removed by using Ultra Pipelines. An Ultra Pipeline will start once then remain running, listening for new calls. In the even of a failure, there is a new type of node called a Feedmaster that is always watching an will attempt to start the pipeline again so it’s ready for the next call. You can have multiple executions of a pipeline running on multiple nodes so you can tune it to meet your throughput needs.


@brettdorsey, Thanks for your reply. I want to know one more. If a triggered task is called multiple times at same point, does it do parallel processing or it will queue them. I have disabled do not start new execution if one execution is already in process.

@SandeepVemula If you trigger more than one execution, it will start another instance of the pipeline which will run in parallel. You need to ensure that you are not using any resources which would conflict with eachother. If you don’t want that to happen the “don’t start new execution” will ensure you are only running one at a time. The second request should be rejected. (from the doc: If you attempt to call the triggered task when it is already running, you will receive a 409 error.)

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Thanks for confirming it is Parallel processing