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Using a File Poller to a File Reader

Hello, I am trying to figure out how to use a File Poller to make a file name a variable and then to use that variable as the file to use in a File Reader? I am not sure on how to get it to work. Also, how does the File Poller truly work if I have mu...

FalleurJ by New Contributor
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How to flatten hierarchial JSON structure?

Hi Forum, I have hierarchical JSON structure coming as input and need to flatten(and transformation) the document as output. Below is the simple example showing input and output structure. I tried doing this with Mapper, Strcuture and JSON Splitter s...

ddangler by New Contributor III
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MySQL Insert Can't Insert Special Characters

Is there any way to encode strings or perform a MySQL insert on a special character like ł or Ł. I can’t get it working, but it works just fine using another ETL process. In my specific use case I’m trying to insert names that include special charact...

nsmith by New Contributor III
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Mermory Utilization of Specific pipeline

I have a requirement of calculating total memory that it consumed by a specific pipeline during it’s run time. Can we use Public API with RuntimeId of that pipeline to figure out the utilization of total memory for a specific pipeline. Thanks!!

aspanda by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Dynamic records generation

Hi, I want to generate dynamically n records, based on column value. Lets say based Number_Streams , I want to create n records having same values for other columns, except the name. In name column I want to append alphabets dynamically. Sample Input...