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Snowflake Snap Pack Reference Page

This topic contains links to sources of information on the Snowflake Snap Pack. Dates are provided on static resources as some information may have changed since it was originally posted. Documentation Snowflake Snap Pack Videos Configuring a Snowfl...

dmiller by Admin
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Active Directory Snap

If an AD group contains more than 1500 members,the attribute member has “No Values” and an attribute member;range=0-1499 is returned which has first 1500 members. Is there a way to return the rest of the users or all the users in one call? I have us...

Poulami by New Contributor
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Issue with Netsuite Get Snap

Hi, I am trying to get customer Details from Netsuite using Netsuite Get snap, but the snap is routing documents to both Error and output views, is there any issue with the snap or Am I doing anything wrong, Previously it used to work correctly, star...

abhinav by New Contributor
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SAP execute snap failing for integer parameter

Hello, I am using SAP execute snap to call custom BAPI in SAP. My BAPI function has an request parameter of type integer. When I map the request and validate the pipeline, I am receiving below error. Any help on this is much appreciated. “reason”: “O...

psadasivam by New Contributor III
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Active Directory Search snap does not search arrays as expected

Using the Active Directory Search Snap, when specifying an AD group, i expect the search to look through the array of groups for each ‘user’ / ‘mail’ but it does not. Instead, it looks at the first ‘memberOf’ value for each email address rather than ...

Salesforce Lookup vs Read

Hi, I am designing a salesforce - salesforce flow (source and target systems are different) and have several steps in between where I need to fetch ids of dependent objects for mapping. Salesforce Lookup snap serves the purpose but as per SnapLogic d...

vmaitra1 by New Contributor
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