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Active Directory Search snap does not search arrays as expected

Using the Active Directory Search Snap, when specifying an AD group, i expect the search to look through the array of groups for each ‘user’ / ‘mail’ but it does not. Instead, it looks at the first ‘memberOf’ value for each email address rather than ...

Salesforce Lookup vs Read

Hi, I am designing a salesforce - salesforce flow (source and target systems are different) and have several steps in between where I need to fetch ids of dependent objects for mapping. Salesforce Lookup snap serves the purpose but as per SnapLogic d...

vmaitra1 by New Contributor
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Connecting to DocumentDB in AWS with shared .pem

Hello, I am trying to create a MongoDB account to connect to DocumentDB in aws. AWS supplied a shared .pem for RDS instances ( , but I am not sure how to use that with AWS ...

loafob by New Contributor
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Script Snap log output location?

I am executing a python script from the Script snap. When I write to the log object SnapLogic passes to me, where is that output written? I have scoured the /opt/snaplogic/run/log directory on my groundplex but the log entries are not there…

Defining Schemas with Arrays?

Can someone please explain the proper way to define and work schemas containing arrays of primitive types and of complex objects? The SnapType.TABLE seems to be the correct SnapType but it seems that the approach that works for complex objects does n...

Special characters in SOAP Snap

Hi, I am sending the following the Data in the SOAP XML (Chair Rückenlehne mit flexibler 3-D Strickmembran, Kunststoffrahmen aus glasfaserverstärktem Polyamid, Rückenlehne mit Flex-Element,) but it is getting converted to following as this is not in ...

shreegeet by New Contributor II
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Using "sftp -i [private key location] username"

A vendor is having us retrieve their info using this SFTP method: sftp -i /path/to/private/key Any thought how to do this in SnapLogic? Do I need to do it as a script? Also I have a passcode that i will need to use? Thoughts? Tha...