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Resolved! Merge files with varying column numbers

Continuing the discussion from Csv file with varying number of columns in each row: Here is what the file looked like when i started: EEID|55555|xxxxxxxxx|MICHAEL|C|xxxxx|M|06/21/xxxx OFFR|55555|01/01/2023-55|OE|01/01/2023|01/01/2023|01/01/2023|12/31...

Error create Teams OAuth2 User Account

trying to create a connection to teams using the Teams OAuth2 User Account so we can send a message to a channel, we can create a Teams OAuth2 Application Account which connects but struggling to get the User one set up. under “Auth endpoint config” ...

pete by New Contributor
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Add License for a user in AzureActiveDirectory

Hi Team, I am working on requirement which has Azure Active directory snap. The requirement is after creating the account, we need to assign License to the user in Azure Active directory. Can any one please let me know how can we achieve this require...

Sandhya by New Contributor
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How to Read Message in Teams

Hi Team, As per the documentation ,The Microsoft Teams Snap Pack enables you to perform the following operations in your Microsoft Teams instance: Create teams and channels. Manage team and channel operations. Send messages in channels. Is there anyw...

Resolved! Mapper dynamic content

Hello! I have REST API source from which I ingest data and load it to BigQuery. I am executing this dynamically with parameters as there are multiple endpoints to query. I am using mapper to define the schema before loading, in this case with the pas...

Tuomas by New Contributor II
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Creating users in Active Directory

Here are a couple of screenshots that show how you can connect with an Active Directory instance and create a new user. You will require an Active Directory account that is configured as follows: The second snap that would be required is the Create ...

vish by Former Employee
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SFTP errors

FYI I was getting errors with pipelines using a directory browser with a basic auth account for SFTP. After doing some testing and verifying the authentication details I ended up rolling back the Binary Snap Pack version to Main19844. Problem was res...

chris_king by New Contributor II
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